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Looking to buy a home, but don't know where to start? These links should help you be well on your way to finding your next nest!

Getting Started:

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is committed to helping you achieve the American dream. Some of the services found at hud.gov:

Realtor.com has a excellent "10 Steps to Home Ownership! page which can answer many questions, and outlines the home buying process step-by-step.

RealEstateABC.com has another excellent guide to many aspects of home purchases, from thinking of a home to the puchase itself.

Search for Houses

Search on Realtor.com
Use Realtor.com to search though over 2 million listings for the right home for you. Know what features you want? Try the Advanced Search to narrow your results.

Note that Dixie can show you houses listed by other realtors. The agent listing the house has the best interests of the seller in mind. You need a realtor to represent your interests when buying a house. This is known as a Buyers' Agent, and is actually preferable for you as a buyer.

Dixie will gladly work for you as a buyers' agent to find you the house that fits your needs. Plus, there is no up-front cost to you!

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